Andrew Krieger
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artist, andrew KriegerSelected Ink

Kickstarter Project: Art Rocks Athens: How Art Made Music in Athens, GA 1975-85, This project was successfully funded on Apr 29, 2014. dcist Arts Agenda, November 29, 2007.
Mid Atlantic Art News Sauna Lee Lange on the One Word Project, September 9, 2007.
The Georgetown Voice One word too many at the D.C. Arts Club, September 6, 2007.
Hill Rag Art and the City, Artist Profile: Andrew Krieger, May 2007 (PDF version 172k)
The One Word Project, JT Kirkland, Lulu Press, 2006.
The Washington Print Club Quarterly, Thinking Inside The Box, Herb Cooper, Volume 41, No. 2, 2005.
Thinking About Art, A.H. Krieger on Imagination, Art Blog, January 2005.
The Washington Post, Top Ten Exhibitions 2004, Michael O’Sullivan, Thinking Inside the Box–number 6, December 2004.
Artprice, Thinking Inside the Box-The Art of Andre Krieger, September, 2009
Interior Design Magazine, A Room at the Hotel Du Lys, Gold Medal Design Awards, Number 15, August/September 2004.
The Washington Post, Boxed In, Jessica Dawson, August 8th, 2004.
The City Paper, Love in the Emptiness–The Joy of Labor, Gadi Decter, August 6th, 2004.
Thinking About Art- Art Blog, Thinking Inside The Box, May 2004.
Interior Design Magazine, Update-Catch This!, Mari Beautyman, May 2004.
The Washington Post, Mixed Up Media, Michael O’Sullivan, August 6th, 2004.
Washington Flyer, Wonder Walls, Boxed Out, Lauren Spitzer, July/August 2004.
Art Price, New Arts Economic Monthly, Volume 2, August 2004.
The Washingtonian, Spotlighted Exhibitions, August 2004.
Vanity Fair, Thinking Inside The Box, Number 527, July 2004.
The Washington Post, You Are Here and Here and Here, Jessica Dawson, May13th, 2004.

Selected TV Spots

YDTV–Two Minute Cable Television trailer, interviewing the artist and illustrating the exhibition–Thinking Inside The Box, at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., 7-8-9/2004.

YDTV / Channel 10 / Two Minute Cable Television trailer interviewing the artist and others in the OH–HO–O5 exhibition at the Union Printmakers Atelier, Washington, DC,12/2005;1/2006.

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