Andrew Krieger
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artist, andrew KriegerMy drawings begin with line. I have been attracted to the techniques of line drawings that spring from the realistic sensitivity of the old masters from the Italian Renaissance to the Middle Ages for much of my career. Giotto, Leonardo, Bruegel and Durer are just a few of the artists that have influenced my stylistic development. In my own work I attempt to approach the techniques of these periods and the skills of drawing volumes in space, with contoured shading and the articulation of my drawing surface through the use of contemporary materials. My own drawings and constructions usually follow a surreal perspective in their interpretation of the human form and the exploration of architectural fantasy in my interpretation of off kilter work platforms/work stations. Many of my architectural drawings are studies for structures I would like to build as interactive architectural sculptures. Mixed with wit and whimsy these images are strong compositions built around the mark making foundations of the art of drawing.

With precise line in pen and pencil, I have combined sensitive ink, gouache, metallic paints, photo retouch and washes; from a background in printmaking/engraving, I have brought my engraving tools directly to the surface of my papers to articulate worked and raw areas, creating dimensions of layered patterning. My compositions from this last year and a half are both strong and sensitive. The visual structure and exacting line, brush, metal point, engraved and incised techniques make them rich visual tableaus.

Several of my images originate in a stark geographical location from my imagination. I came across the words Deep Ellum almost fifteen years ago and decided, as I was drawing, that this was the location of several of my compositions. Study reservations, contemplative research community or a vision of out posts in a future world: the Deep Ellum theme continues in my work. I see Deep Ellum as an optimistic cross roads where the imbalance of man to the world around him is presented in a search to discover responsible stewardship and a harmonic relationship to the greater cosmos.

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